Here are some videos about or featuring Ornament & Crime:

Overview and expository videos

Voltage Control Lab

Many thanks to Joe Caputo at in LA for making these excellent videos.

Daniel Jung

Patch and track videos featuring O&C

Voltage Control Lab

Patch notes

das wirdschon

Tim Churches

Some rather less professional videos…

matos aka oldmanrolling

Dimitrios Novas Sismanis

Using an O&C with a gorgeously calligraphed cellulose panel to channel The Residents in these videoed patch tracks:


Oren Levy

Matrix Modulator

nectar aka nectarios

Lots of tracks/patches using O&C in various ways

Tom Hall

Luke Killen

Dongkläder aka Daisuk

Lightbath aka Fourhexagons aka Bryan Noll

All Creatures Festival, a four-part suite performed live on a modular synthesizer and mixed in Ableton Live, by .

Detailed patch notes here.

1. While Everyone Sleeps, Tiny Creatures Decorate (Extended)

2. Arise for Celebration! (Extended)

3. Welcome the Larger Beasts (Extended)

4. And They All Rejoice ‘Til Dawn (Extended)

Franman Corvette


Ross Anderton


Amane Take

DRD_Tutorials aka Daniel R. Dehaan

BBoyTech Modular Journal

Timo Rozendal

Jonathan Bedrava


Benjamin Kinsman

Lukas Suveg

Aimar Molero Music & Sound Design


tujx (aka Renku Corportaion, aka Jesse Farmer)


Mike Thomas


Dusty Patches

Matthew Akers



Emily Sprague

A documentary on the making of O&C…