Here are some sound tracks featuring the Ornament & Crime module:

Bennelong Bicyclist

Some tracks featuring Ornament & Crime by Bennelong Bicyclist

  • Population Counts - Demonstration of fractal integer sequences as a note source in the Ornament & Crime CopierMaschine app in v1.2 of the firmware (forthcoming).
  • Dress sequence - demo of a new sequence source for the CopierMaschine and Quantermain apps which will appear in v1.2 firmware for the Ornament & Crime eurorack synthesiser module. Recorded live in one take, O&C driving three MI Braids and two MI Peaks (running DMC) for percussion, rhythm via a pair of MI Grids.
  • Melancholectomy - a track generated by Ornament & Crime running the Quantermain app, sequencing three Braids and a Grids into a Peaks for the percussion.
  • Equitable equations - Ornament & Crime eurorack module running Quantermain app (pre-release v1.1), feeding quantised CVs generated internally by byte beat equations in O+C to 3 MI Braids in PLUK mode - all melodies composed by the O+C module, in real time, recorded in a single take.
  • Viznutcracker, sweet! - a track using the Viznunutcracker, sweet! app in O&C as the audio sources, through various modulated filters. Grids used to reset the phase accumulator on some of the byte beat equations to create syncopation.
  • XORtations - a track demonstrating bit-XORing of CVs output by the Quadatruria app in O&C. Control voltages output from O&C are fed to a pair of Mutable Instruments Braids modules, both with quantisers and internal envelopes enabled. The entire track is played by the O&C module - once configured, it just runs, creating both parts on the fly, no knob twiddling or other intervention. No sequences were programmed into the module - it creates them on-the-fly. Recorded live in one take into Logic Pro X, with reverb added only. The guitar part is processed via the Ken Stone Serge Resonant Equaliser MkII module in the eurorack.
  • Verhulst’s map - a track demonstrating the use of the May-Verhulst logistic map generators built into the Quantermain app in O&C. Recorded live in one take - the whole thing was composed on-the-fly by O&C (except for the precision, which is Grids and Peaks).
  • Oh Tomato Nets! - test track made using the Automatonnetz app for the Ornament + Crime eurorack module. Automatonnetz is a vector sequencer outputting neo-Riemannian triad transformations, fed to three Braids, two running Bees-in-the-Trees firmware, one running factory firmware (v1.8). Drums courtesy of two Peaks, running Dead Man’s Catch firmware in random snare and hi-hat modes, plus basic kick drum mode. Recorded live an one take. Modulation by two Tides and an NLC Sloth module. Rhythm courtesy of a Mutable Instruments Grids module. No overdubs, reverb added in DAW, no other post-processing.
  • Deus ex macchiato - Further experimentation with the Harrington 1200 neo-Riemannian firmware for the Ornament + Crime eurorack synth module. This track was recorded live and is composed entirely in the modular, no MIDI tracks or other pre-scripting on the computer was used. Three Mutable Instruments Braids modules, running Bees-in-the-Trees firmware (with the meta-sequencer in Bees-in-the-Trees used to automatically create the voice changes throughout the track), plus two Mutable Instruments Peaks modules running Dead Man’s Catch firmware were used. Mutable Instruments Grids module provides the percussion rhythms and clocks the Harrington 1200. No post-processing except light reverb added.
  • La petite souris - the first track ever recorded using the Harrington 1200 app in O&C.

The Art of Sound


Brandon Logic [franman69]

azalea (aka Kilchhofer/Hainbach, aka timoka on MW)

hyena (aka Giona Vinti)

  • Dirge for a friend, in loving memory of Giampaolo “Zanna” Muciaccia. Track notes: one channel of sequins with manual transpose from beatstep pro driving 4 oscillators into a-101-2 in series with optomix. lot of hard sync and some fm between oscillators (they are vcos a and b from dpo, hertz donut mk1 and mk2). sequins goes in random mode, lydian scale, there is some tempo wiggling thanks to makenoise tempi shifting a couple different channels… plus some spring reverb (a-199) some digital reverb (clouds oliverb), some clouds action (normal mode, granular) and some tyme sefari delay.



Classic B (aka bemerritt)


Renku Corporation

Notopia (aka Marc Mennigmann)


Ross Anderton

Geoff Wilt

Catalyst OP1

Abstraction/Kepler Hughes

Killing Floor

Ornament & Crime, but not…

  • No Ornament & Crime modules were used to make these tracks, as far as we can tell.