A list of frequently asked questions about o_C

Q: Why can’t I use two or more ‘apps’ at the same time? Like, channel A could be a LFO, channel B a quantizer, and so on?

  • A: that’s not how things work … but in theory, yes, possible; in practice, not so much: the firmware framework wasn’t designed to do this, so it would either require a complete rework; or (what would tedious to do and inflexible), someone would have to write a new app mashing up several others. it might also be undesirable, to some extent, from a UI perspective … keeping track of several channels of the same thing is much less cognitive workload than having to keep track of several channels of different things.

However, O&C is a cheap module - about a third of the cost of (vaguely) equivalent commercial modules if you DIY, and about about 60% of the cost if you bought your O&C ready-made. So just have two, or three, and run different apps on each!

Q: can I modify the preset scales or add my own?

  • A: yes, sure. that’s very easy. go here for further information.

Q: Can you FLIP the orientation of the screen? Like, for the sake of ergonomics in my rack, i’d like to have my o_C ‘upside down’?

 0x0a0, /* segment remap a0/a1*/ 
 0x0c0, /* c0: scan dir normal, c8: reverse */ 

and recompile. that will flip the screen by 180 degrees.

you may also want to remap the inputs/outputs in that case. that you’d have to do in OC_gpio.h (encoders, buttons, CV and trigger inputs: TR1 should be TR4, etc) and OC_DAC.cpp (ie, the outputs: set8565_CHD should be renamed set8565_CHA, etc). and you’d have to recalibrate the module.